The Nutritional Guide to Managing Gestational Diabetes

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If you’re pregnant, you’ve probably heard someone say, “You’re eating for two now.” Though it is true that you are eating for two, you still need to pay attention to what, when, and how much you are eating—especially if you’ve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a condition that affects 2% to 10% […]

How Physical Activity Can Help People With Diabetes

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There is no question about it, diabetes is increasing in America, with more than 34 million Americans suffering from the disease. This, in turn, leads to a variety of additional illnesses, billions in medical costs, and thousands of premature deaths every year. Thankfully, diabetes is a treatable disorder. Furthermore, there are plenty of ways that […]

8 Frequently Asked Questions About Diabetes Management

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Blood sugar or glucose is your body’s main source of energy. When the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, glucose can’t reach the cells in your body, leading to an increase in blood sugar levels. This causes diabetes, a chronic condition that can be managed with proper care and treatment. Here are 8 frequently asked questions […]