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Craving a sweet treat to beat the heat this summer that is also diabetic-friendly? You’re in luck! We have gathered 5 of our favorite recipes that you can quickly whip up for a fraction of the cost of packaged treats. 

Which one will you try?

1. Frosty Watermelon Ice

Nothing beats the heat and quenches your thirst like watermelon, but here’s a fun twist on the classic melon we all love! And even better yet, no need to worry about pesky seeds while you are digging in. Bon appétit!

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2. Key Lime Mason Jar Cheesecake

Tart, sweet, and creamy. In addition to being cute, these mini mason jar desserts also help you control portion size! Need your fix fast? We’ve got you covered! Twenty minutes is all it takes to prepare these little beauties!

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3. Honey-Sweetened Yogurt & Fruit Cups

Spruce up your brunch this weekend with this nifty little addition to your table. Combine some fresh (or defrosted frozen) fruit and yogurt for a wonderfully fruity and creamy match made in heaven. With a dessert so delicious and nutritious, we guarantee this treat won’t last long! 

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4. Raspberry-Banana Soft Serve

Skip the frozen section and make your very own creamy ice cream without all the fat and empty calories with the magic of bananas! When you make this ice cream, we recommend mixing and matching bananas based on their ripeness level. Very ripe fruit adds a more concentrated banana flavor. Less ripe ones offer your treat an even fluffier texture, so make sure you get the best of both worlds! 

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5. Chocolate Hazelnut Soy Pops

Who doesn’t have a container of Nutella in their cupboard? At Helping Diabetics USA, we’re always looking for ways to put this delicious spread to use! Not a fruit or citrus lover? Indulge guilt and worry-free with these chocolate hazelnut soy pops. They are a great way to stay cool in the summer but are so delicious and easy to make, they are perfect for enjoying any time of year!

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6. Black Forest Fro-Yo Cupcakes

Fruity and chocolatey, this is the perfect treat for the black forest cake lover in your home. These black forest cupcakes are layered with cherries, chocolate chips, and a crunchy cookie crust folded into creamy frozen yogurt in a muffin tin. 

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7. Strawberry Rosé Granita

Are you looking for a treat with some added punch for your next get-together? Granita made with sweet strawberries and crisp rosé is a delicious match for the summer. Just freeze and scrape with a fork, no special equipment needed here!—But a side note, don’t be tempted to increase the amount of rosé, because adding too much alcohol will prevent this treat from setting in the freezer.

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