How To Get Your Barbecue Ready For the 4th of July

The fourth of July is almost here, America, and that means dusting off your spatulas, buying some good cuts of meat, and pulling the covers off of your barbecue for another celebration of freedom and fiery fun!

Here’s what you need to do before inviting your friends and family to your backyard cookout!

Scrub Down the Grills and Grill Box

Over time, grills and grill boxes accumulate a lot of gunk and burnt-on grease, and if they aren’t cleaned regularly, it can create a hazard to your food and your safety by igniting. You can prevent this risk by taking your grills out and soaking them in a bucket of hot water and soap before cleaning the insides with a sponge or brush.

In addition, you should also keep the inside of your pellet grill dry. Moisture can damage electronics, while wet pellets become very much like cement, which can completely jam your pellet grill.

After Every Grilling Session

Get The Grill Going and Cook Up a Diabetes-Friendly Feast

Now that your grill is clean and ready to go, break out the apron and cook some delicious food for your family.

Check out these cool recipes and get your ingredients together—we promise you won’t regret it!

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