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Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on, new health threats have not stopped popping up at every corner. Those with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, have a greater risk of not receiving necessary and routine healthcare options because of the increased demand on healthcare institutions. The impact is both widespread and concerning. Some of the most serious concerns are outlined below.

Limited Access to Primary Care Providers

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, or are known to be borderline diabetic, you understand the importance of caring for your condition. Since the pandemic closed the doors to countless medical facilities, fewer appointments to meet with a primary care physician are available.

Restricted hours of operation obviously impact the number of patients that can be seen for treatment. Many practices have indefinitely discontinued taking on new patients, which leaves many cases of diabetes untreated. Thankfully, telehealth options have become a viable alternative for treatment questions and self-management techniques.

Availability of Diabetic Testing Strips

In addition to diagnosis and treatment concerns, diabetic supplies are also high on the priority list for patients. Helping Diabetics USA is committed to ensuring you maintain a solid inventory of diabetic testing strips. We buy and sell these vital supplies to people across the country who are struggling to manage their condition through these trying times.

Pandemic conditions have greatly impacted the overall world economic system. Raw materials are in short supply, which affects virtually every business and industry. Assembly lines have been shut down due to outbreak conditions, and shipping supply chains are running on a woefully slow schedule. Supplies that used to be readily available may now take several weeks for delivery. Helping Diabetics USA has fashioned a free-flowing model that matches the supply and demand of diabetic supplies.

Social Distancing and Other Protective Measures

Although much more data is needed to confirm the cumulative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, initial research clearly points to certain trends. Initial polls have estimated that about one-quarter of all COVID hospitalization cases were people with diabetes. This staggering figure accounts for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes and points to an alarming correlation between the chronic condition and this dreaded virus.

Please know that simply having diabetes does not make you more susceptible to contracting the Coronavirus; however, diabetics run a much higher risk of complications from the virus. These complications are directly related to the underlying diabetic condition and can make it much more difficult to fight off the infection. Proper safeguards must be taken to prevent unnecessary risks. Wearing face masks or other protection may help avoid airborne contaminants. Frequent handwashing and sanitizing procedures are a must, especially in public places.

Living with diabetes is already a struggle, and coping with heightened risks like COVID-19 is even more difficult. Helping Diabetics USA in Jacksonville, FL, wants to offer an easy and safe solution. Contact us today to learn how we can help you manage your diabetes throughout the pandemic and beyond.

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