Why Insulin-Rationing Is Dangerous and Potentially Deadly

The tragic reality of modern life is that many diabetics, most often due to a shortage of funds, ration their insulin as a way to save money and stretch out how long their medications last. In addition to being unhealthy, this practice is also extremely dangerous.

The health experts at Helping Diabetics USA are extremely concerned about this growing trend among American diabetics. Here is why insulin-rationing is a potentially lethal way to save costs on much-needed drugs.

The Insulin-Rationing Epidemic

Some studies have found that as much as 25% of diabetics have rationed their insulin at some point in the last year. This phenomenon includes not using as much insulin as prescribed, not filling or re-filling prescriptions, or stopping the medication altogether.

Tragically, the patients who rationed their insulin had a three-times higher likelihood of suffering from poor blood sugar control than their peers who took their medicine as prescribed.

The “Middle Space” Diabetics

In addition to the extremely poor being at a high risk of having to ration insulin, another group that is vulnerable is the so-called “middle space” diabetics. Patients in this group have too much money to qualify for social programs that might support the purchase of their insulin such as Medicaid but too little money to purchase the drugs on their own.

The irony, of course, is that while the cost to the public taxpayer is somewhat reduced by eliminating the “middle space” diabetics from social programs, the long-term costs add up, which are often put on the public tab anyway. It makes no economic sense, according to multiple experts in the healthcare industry.

The ongoing mission of Helping Diabetics USA is to change this tragic reality and get diabetics the supplies they need to live healthy, happy, full lives without having to worry about how to pay for their medications.

Helping Diabetics USA is committed to reversing the truly appalling reality of insulin rationing in America. In the wealthiest country on Earth, no diabetic should be forced to choose between getting their much-needed medicine or paying their bills. Contact us today to learn more.

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