Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about how you can get paid for your unused diabetes test strips, we’re here to help.

Is it legal to sell my diabetic test supplies?

Any unused diabetic test supplies purchased by you or a loved one are safe and legal to sell. The only exception are test strips purchased by Medicare or Medicaid. These diabetes test strip packages will have a red stripe on them.

How do I get paid for my diabetic test supplies?

Once we receive your shipment and our quality control team reviews it, we’ll either cut you a check and mail it to the address included on your shipment request form or send you payment through PayPal.

Should I remove the pharmacy labels?

No, do not remove the labels from the pharmacy. Removing the labels may damage the box, and damaged boxes will affect your reimbursement or prevent us from accepting your shipment. If you are concerned for your privacy or the privacy of the individual for whom the supplies were prescribed, you may use a Sharpie or other felt-tip permanent marker to mark through their name.

Is your quote a guarantee for what you’ll pay?

If your description of the shipment is accurate — the correct brand, expiration date, unopened and undamaged box, etc. — then the quote you receive is the payment you should expect. We’re committed to offering the most competitive prices for unused diabetes test supplies and we value your business.

How long does it take to receive payment for my test supplies?

We are committed to making payment within X business days. We can mail a check to the address on the shipment request form or, for faster compensation for your diabetes test supplies, we can make payment through PayPal.

Will you return diabetic test supplies that you do not purchase?

After ensuring that your unused diabetic test supplies are of a brand we accept and are within date, complete the shipment request form.

If you need help sending a shipment, you can find it at any U.S. Post Office, UPS Store, or an office supply store such as Staples or Office Depot. Shipments should be sent in a sturdy, well-sealed box with full postage and shipping and return addresses clear and legible.

Do you buy damaged boxes?

No. The safety of our clients is paramount, so we cannot accept boxes that have been damaged prior to or during shipment.

Do you buy needles?

Yes, we do purchase unused needles (lancets).

Does Helping Diabetics USA cover my shipping costs?

No, Helping Diabetics USA does not cover shipping costs for supplies sent to us.

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