Bayer Contour Next 7312 100 CT


Bayer Contour Next 7312 Blood Glucose Test Strips, 100 Count

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Use our simple calculator below to quickly find out how many months remain until your diabetic supplies expire:


At Helping Diabetics USA, we categorize the diabetic supplies we purchase based on both their physical condition and the remaining months until expiration. This ensures that the supplies we accept are safe and effective for future use, and it helps us offer you a fair price for your items. Here’s a detailed look at our classification system based on Condition and Expiration:

a) Mint Condition Supplies (9+ Months Until Expiration): Items in this category are in perfect condition and have 9 or more months until expiration.
b) Mint Condition Supplies (6-8 Months Until Expiration): These supplies are also in perfect condition without any signs of damage. They must have between 6 to 8 months left until they expire.
c) Damaged Supplies (6+ Months Until Expiration): These are items that show signs of wear such as dents or marks but the internal supplies are in good condition. The items must have a minimum of 6 months before they expire.

Important Note: We cannot accept boxes with broken seals or stains. An unacceptable package may have broken seals, pen marks, excessive rips or tears, dents, or excessive crushing.These conditions indicate possible tampering or damage to internal supplies.

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Contour Next 7312 100 CTBayer Contour Next 7312 100 CT
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